Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in Florence: The Wall

 On Thanksgiving Day, we went to look at "The Wall". It is on the  Natchez Trace Parkway. A man named Tom Hendrix has made this rock wall in memory of his Great Grandmother, Te-lah-nay. She was a Yuchi Indian who was taken from her Alabama home to the Indian Nations of Oklahoma. She walked back to her home, the valley of the Singing River. There is a section (in the picture above) where Navajo Indians turned the rocks so that "faces" would show.
 As you walk along the wall, there are little things that people have left there: this cross necklace is one.
 We stopped to take some family pictures.
 Maggie (love her Arkansas girl shirt!)
 The Turner family
 The Williams Family: notice only the parents are semi-smiling:)
 Nana, Pa T and their "babies".
 Stopping to look at some Indian jewelry that was left on the wall.
Jason and Jeff talking with Mr. Tom Hendrix who made the wall and wrote a book about his great grandmother. He named the boys: Kordyn was La-sa-nae which means mountain; Landyn was Shar Pah which means bright path. As we left, we wished us Kasi Mekeoo which means Good Journey.
I teared up as he talked about his great grandmother and how important it is to him to pass on legends for the children. On his book cover, there is a question that says: If the legends fade, who will teach the children?
The Wall has also just been accepted into the Library of Congress and has been contacted by movie producers to make a movie about it.

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