Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in Florence: The Lowery's House

We left Wednesday for Florence, Alabama to visit my Aunt Karen (my dad's sister). We haven't seen them in several years. This was also the first time we have seen their new house. It is on a creek; my guys were in heaven!

 Landyn loved climbing up the stairs to look at the herb garden. He is my little gardner at home.
 Lots of playing games with cousins: Ella and Wade.
 My mom and Aunt Karen cooking up a feast for us.
My cousin's dog, Reload. She has gotten so big since I saw her last. She was a little lonely hanging out on the back porch.
Kordyn liked playing with Pa T's Ipad in their sitting room.

 My parents getting the tables ready for dinner. It was so nice outside that we all ate Thanksgiving Dinner outside and enjoyed the view!
 The view looking off the back porch and toward the creek.
 Jason and my Uncle Donny talking about hunting and fishing, etc.
 Landyn and Wade made a barricade and would shoot you if you tried to go upstairs!
 Maggie and Kordyn sitting on the fireplace hearth-I was sad we didn't need it:(
 My mom and dad with baby Kaleb. Love my dad's new pants.
 My favorite place: their sleeping porch on their basement porch. This was so cool! My aunt and uncle actually slept here under an electric blanket. Behind me, there are curtains that you can open or close. This was so neat.
The Master Cook himself: Uncle Donny. For Thanksgiving, he smoked a ham, turkey and deep fried a turkey. All were very delicious! He is an awesome cook.

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