Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good bye 2011

What a crazy year this has been! I keep thinking that our lives will get less hectic but I am giving that idea/wish up! But, I am going to enjoy it because one day, the boys will be grown and gone and then we will have all that time on our hands and we will wonder what to do! LOL

Our 2011 for our family has consisted of: new job positions, hunting, trapping, wildlife removal business growing, lifting weights, workouts, football, ipods, soccer, tball, cardiogist check-up, kindergarten, Nintendo 3DS's!, guitar lessons, beginning my 15th year of teaching:), visiting with family, blogging, facebooking, saying goodbye, being the minivan chauffeur for the boys!

Some where fun, some painful but it's all been a part of our life.

What's up ahead for 2012?
I would like to say it will be a normal, slow paced year but that's wishful thinking:) more than likely, it will be alot like 2011; looking forward to being apart of it all!

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