Friday, December 23, 2011

The Great Christmas Giveaway

 The 3 kinders!!! They are best buddies, classmates and fight like they are brothers and sisters!
 Andrew, aka Mac, McKenzie, aka Haley, Logan, aka Austin and Ben, aka Brody...the lead roles in the musical. These kids worked sooo hard!!
 The choir singing the opening song: Shop til you Drop!
 Deciding what to buy Mr. Lancaster for Christmas...Brody wants to get him a lighted makeup mirror or chicken nuggets!
 Colby, aka Officer Paul...he is in charge of making sure everyone has the Christmas spirit!
 Piper...she sang 3 solos!!! She is such a talented young lady...and a former student of mine:)
 Elizabeth, aka Tiff...the kids go to Tiff's gifts to look for the perfect gift for their teacher (who happens to be Tiff's husband-in the musical and real life!)
 The kinders sang a trio! I teared up listening to them...they did a wonderful job!
 Their lines were: "What can I give you poor as I am, If I were a shepherd, I'd bring you a lamb, If I were a wise man, I'd do my part...what can I give you...I give you my heart" precious words from 3 precious kiddos!
 The preschool choir sang Away in a Manger during one of our songs...they were soo cute!!
The last part of the musical....Tiff shows the kids the tree that is covered in gifts you give from your kind deeds and doing for others.The kids all made ornaments with a "gift" to give their parents during the last song.

I really loved doing the musical but oh my! what a lot of work!!! I think it will take me til May to recover and then we start the summer one!

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