Saturday, December 17, 2011

Papaw Jerry

A week before Thanksgiving, my grandfather was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer. We were able to be with him on Thanksgiving.
Late Monday, December 5, Papaw passed away. He is now with my grandmother and will spend Christmas with her in Heaven!

Eugene Franklin Jerry
June 2, 1929-December 5, 2011
Jason was able to sing at the funeral and it was wonderful! My dad preached the service and it was a; great sermon.
Papaw was a WWII veteran. During the graveside service, while they were playing Taps, military planes flew in formation overhead-it was so cool so see that-a pure coincedence!

He was a quiet man but when he spoke you knew to listen, he was full of wisdom and knowledge:)

Papaw, you will be missed so much.....

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