Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Favorites

Check out my new look!
Now, for my favorites:
1. Merrill shoes. I love my Merrills. I have barely sat down all day and my feet are not even hurting. I took my class on a field trip. They are an awesome class. So well behaved.
2. Bath and Body Works- I love going in there to see what new "flavors" they have out. I did not need to buy any because I have 7 bottles in the cabinet. They make great teacher gifts.
3. Pumpkins. I LOVE fall. I bought 2 big pumpkins today for the front yard. One is painted with a silly face. I'll post a pic soon. I also bought 3 small ones painted with faces on them.
4. A freshly mopped kitchen floor. I love to walk on my clean floor with my bare feet. It feels awesome. I mop with rubbing alcohol.

That's all for now. I am having to suffer through Napoleon Dynamite for like the 10th time. Jason and Kordyn love it. Landyn is even quoting lines from it like: "You need skills".

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