Thursday, October 2, 2008

I will be MIA starting Friday

I will not be around much this weekend. So, no Friday Favorites. Thursday favorites will have to do!
1. Nicholas Sparks new book: I can't remember the title, but I bought it (half-price) tonight at Hastings. I will read anything he writes. I love his books. The movies I will see, but I prefer the books!
2. FALL!!!! This is my favorite time of the year-I just hate that it also my busiest!! I live for leaves, pumpkins, and the colors you see!
3. Grocery Shopping- I know, you think I'm crazy, but I love to walk around a store, doesn't even matter which one, and fill a shopping cart. I just don't like the putting it on the counter, loading it back in the cart, PAYING for it, loading it in my van, unloading it at home, putting it away and then writing the cost down in my checkbook. Too bad those cart helper guys don't follow you home and help you put it all away!
4. Pictures. I have been working on my baby and childhood albums for awhile. I just filled 2 acid free safe albums. Did not scrapbook-but did get them in a new book and wrote by each picture. Then, I went through all of my pictures to pull out all of our Halloween pics to make the boys a Halloween album. It makes me so sad to see how fast my boys are growing up. Makes you want to stop and savor each moment.

Wondering why I'm going to be MIA? I am taking a training class on Orton Gillingham. This will be very helpful in my teaching-it helps you teach a learning disabled or dyslexia child. The Apple Group is offering this. I had registered for this fall, but they were full. So I was down for the spring class, but someone is sick and had to back out today, so they called me! I am excited,but it will be a long weekend and next week! (fri 6-9, sat & sun 9-4, then same schedule again in 2 weeks) Then, on Monday & Tuesday, we have Open House at Montessori. I will be so ready for Wed night and nowhere to go!!!! Later-

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