Thursday, January 15, 2009

B-ball game

We went to the ASU basketball game tonight. It was a COLD walk into the convo center-24 degrees. But, it was even COLDER leaving-14 degrees. If it is going to be this cold, where is the snow? At least there would be snow days, closed schools, and I wouldn't have to go outside.

Kordyn loved the game. He was really into watching the scoreboard, yelling whenever others did,etc. He is so intense sometimes:)

However, Landyn was on the look out for Howl and listening to the band. (He has a Dr. Seuss movie that has music in it and they call the "band" the Big Bass Bumper Thumper) So, every time the music started, he would yell, "Yeah! The Big Bass Bumper!" He wanted to go see Howl until he came to the level nearish us and he got scared. But, on the way out, a girl gave him a postcard with Howl's information on it and he was so excited to take it home. It's amazing what impresses 3 year olds. And what it takes to impress 10 year olds.

Now, it's past time to get 2 boys into bed! Later

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