Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Well, it's been awhile. I would have loved to have had internet access, but electricity was needed and well, we've been without since Tues evening.
The "rain" aka as ice, started getting worse Tuesday evening.

The boys and I got home, fixed supper and had just started American Idol when the flickering started and then went out. Jason was still in Perryville on his trip. He had decided to pack it up earlier that day and start to head home while he could. So at 11 pm, he finally made it home to a chilly house.
But, we woke up Wed am to a very cold house. After lunch at Heavenly Ham (there were actually restaurants open-roads were even clear), we decided to go on to Jason's brother and sis in law, in Pocahontas, because they have a fireplace, gas stove and gas water heater and the boys would be warm. Camp out time! The kids loved it. Eric said he felt like he was with the Darlings (Andy Griffith show) because all of my family had stuffy noses and were snoring. Hot shower and warm fireplace, nothing better! We even cooked dinner and breakfast (biscuits on the grill)

Pocahontas was hit much harder than Jonesboro. Anyway, we heard from Jason's parents that they had power and decided to head back to Jonesboro in time for a wonderful lunch of Fried Chicken. I was really sad after watching/listening to updates on the radio that we would probably not have power for maybe 3 weeks, but we got power tonight at 5 pm!! Yeah! But we are staying with Mammie and Peet's since the kids were expecting it AND I had just gone home and gathered clothes for the rest of the weekend and bedding for the kids. (we were hoping to get power sooner than they said because we passed 2 Craighead Electric trucks on our way back into town!)

So glad to be able to go home tomorrow! I really feel for those who are without right now. It is really miserable. I will post pictures soon. Still can't find that camera cord! I will LOVE to clean my house tomorrow! Love to vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms-I won't gripe any!!

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