Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're Back

We had a great visit in Little Rock with my parents. Here's what we did (just in case you want to know or even if you didn't but have no life and read this little blog of my life! Love ya!):

1. Got to see Jason. He looked so tired. He's been trapping from 3:00 am until sun down at night. Can't remember how many fox, coons, possums, coyotes, etc that's he's caught, but it sounded like a big #. Landyn had a campout with PaT (my dad). However, he only lasted about 10 min and then he joined me in the bed. PaT lucked out and did not have to sleep on the floor after all! Picture coming as soon as I find the cord for my camera?

2. Celebrated my dad's 58th birthday a little early (it's 1-28, wed) at Senor Tequila. Would you believe that they tried to seat us in the separate bar area with 2 kids and the rest of the restaurant wasn't even filled up? I made them mad when I said "We don't want to sit in here with children." It was really good and different from the mexican we eat in J'boro. Then we went to Target and ate birthday cake in my van in the parking lot! Memories! I just need to vacuum really bad in there now.

3. Helped my mother re-decorate her living room. It would be easier to decorate if she would ever get rid of "old things" (hint, hint, Mom). I love the new look-it looks bigger now. And the great thing is, she only needs to shop for 2 new lamps!

4. Went to church and got to hear my dad preach. I like to listen to him; he is a very good speaker. Too bad all of those years in Junior and Senior high I didn't pay more attention and appreciate it more! (I confess, I was too busy writing notes, etc.) Anyway, they are without a music minister right now so one of the church members and her band, Latitude 31, are leading it right now. They are really good! The lead singer, Gina, and I actually graduated high school together so we got to catch up and visit after church today. It was great to see her and her family.

5. Came home before "winter blast" 09 hits Monday night. Left Little Rock with temp at 36; entered J'boro at 27. Man, it's cold outside! Glad we got our heat checked out last week and it is running much better now.

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