Friday, August 28, 2009

It's here

Finally, it's Friday! No more school for the week. So glad this week is finally over. Praying for a much better one next week.

Kordyn is loving 6th grade-he has even decided that he likes math! His teacher is estatic because the first day he told her that he hates math; nothing personal, but he just hated math. She was determined to change him by the end of the year-it only took 1 day because they started algebra and he loves it. She was so excited that he changed in only 1 day. He's also excited that this year, he will study Europe. At International Studies Magnet, every grade focuses on a different continent. 1-Australia,2-South America, 3-Asia, 4-Africa, 5-North America, 6-Europe, all the support staff is Antartica (library, principal, etc) He loves war and they are learning about Greece right now.

Landyn is learning about Community Helpers this month at Montessori. A few weeks ago, they had a very important visitor-Smoky, the Bear! He loved watching him from, afar, but wouldn't go near him. Today, they had a "sewer lady" named Ms. Mary. He said they passed around stuff to touch and listened to her talk. He had loved the fireman and policeman days the best I think.

Tonight, we are going out to eat because Jason thinks you should eat out every Friday night! Upper Crust pizza, here we come! Then, I feel the couch calling my name for some relaxing-laundry is caught up for today & house is pretty clean so I think I deserve a night off!

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