Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

Saturday- I cleaned house. gathered laundry, cooked breakfast and then looked at the clock to see that it was only 8:06. Just what time did I get up? I have no idea-thought the clock said 8,but I didn't have on my glasses to who knows?
We smoked a pork loin, I got a haircut and then we cooked a big dinner. Great day with beautiful 79 degree weather-Love it!

Sunday-started off running really late because Landyn did not sleep very well. Kordyn had to be at church at 9 to practice and I had to cook food for church this am!

Today was our Children and Youth Building Dedication Sunday. It was a very full day! The children sang and led the music. The youth did a wonderful drama presentation using a dark room, glowing sticks and masks and a black light to the song "Arise"-I will always think of this when I hear that song-it was wonderful, chill-bumping and brings tears to your eyes when you "SEE" what we did to Jesus. Then we had several presentations to the building chairperson, district supervisor spoke, etc. It was also Pastor Ken and Ms. Linda Stallings 22nd Sunday at Forest so it was a wonderful day. We had a quest speaker, Susie Shellenberger. She was awesome and really connected to the children and youth! She used to be with Focus on the Family. After a 2 1/2 hour service, we had a potluck and 6 ft. cake in honor of the new building.

Then at 2, we had a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony at the new building and then we got to go in a see it. Landyn was excited to see that he would be in the "tadpole" room. He gets to be in the pre-k room now. Kordyn is in the "eagle" room. The children worship area is decorated in a wilderness/fort theme-very cool with concrete boulders and walls, a river and bridge. We got to tour the youth area-awesome is all I can say and that we are not ready for that next year! It is decorated in a production/warehouse theme. The junior and senior high rooms are in a sport/school theme with astroturf floors and bleachers. Kordyn can't wait until next year! The kids loved dancing on their stage-but today is the last time they will be allowed in there!

We finally made it home about 4 this afternoon-Naptime!

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