Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Even after teaching for 14 years, I've always been so terrified that I would have one of my own children or one at school choke while eating. I am CPR certified and know what to do, but it terrifies me to ever have to use that knowledge.

Well, last night, it happened to ME. I was cooking tacos and snuck a little piece of a chip, about the size of a nickel. It went down the wrong hole and I was in pain. I coughed and tried to swallow-wasn't budging. Grabbed a bottle of water, trying to cough it up or make it go down-wasn't moving. Finally, as I was starting to panic, I coughed it up and spit it out. My throat was so sore afterwards.

But, the story gets funny here: The whole time I'm choking and trying to cough it up, Landyn is watching me very closely. When I am finally okay, he tells me that next time I need to cough, I should cough into my elbow because he doesn't want my germs:) So glad he's learned some manners at preschool, but I was just a little irritated with that reminder!! So glad everyone's had a good laugh over it.

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