Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jr High

Tonight we had Kordyn's Open House and 7th grade orientation at his Jr High. It was a little chaotic at first but then after walking through all 7 periods, I think we all realized it wasn't so bad. Kordyn is taking: Pre-ap English, pre-ap math, pre-ap social studies, pre-ap science, keyboarding/family-consumer science, EAST lab (a hi-tech class that blows my mind-you had to be recommended for this one) and they had him for a 9 wk rotation thing that we are changing to Art only. It was fun to walk from 1st to 7th period when the bell rang, met his teachers, got the supply lists, etc. Saw lots of familiar faces and several former students who are now in 7,8 and 9 grades!! Just feeling a little old now that KT is in Jr High:) Lots of homework is ahead; and he's playing football. But they practice after school m,w, and f. Games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays they have off. Now we will be busy this fall for sure!

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