Sunday, August 1, 2010


This morning, our children's department presented : Under God's Sea in 3D. Kordyn wasn't in it this year (thinks he's too big for the kid stuff). Landyn was a jellyfish. There was a part of the musical where the 2 divers were going out of the submarine with air tanks and got into a jellyfish storm. The 3,4 and 5 year olds had on all black and held white umbrellas and there was a black light on them. It looked sooo cool. A friend of mine is sending me a picture and I will add it then. I also had to wear all black and we walked with them so they wouldn't be scared-it was all black in the sanctuary and it was thundering.

Tonight, we had a youth parent meeting! WoW!!! We have the most awesome youth pastor and helpers. They truly have a heart for youth and guiding them to be all that God has for them. I am so excited for Kordyn to be a part of this group.

Jason is singing in our church's choir and is in a quartet-they will be singing soon. Can't wait to hear it. He continues to love his social work/day job and is very busy with that. He also has a side job: Wildlife Removal Etc. and is focusing on moles!! He has several clients now. Helps support his trapping habit:)

And what have I been up to? Enjoying my 4 day work weeks but they are now all over:( I have been busy with VBS and will be helping our director with it next year, reading Karen Kingsbury books and crying my eyes out and trying to get our house "summer cleaned"!!

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