Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kordyn's First Day of Jr. High

Kordyn started the 7th grade on Aug. 19. He loves it! His class schedule is:
1-Micro rotation, Coach Copeland,(will have a different class each 9 weeks: Health, Art History and English Enrichment)
2-Pre-Ap English, Mrs.Hodges,
3-Pre-Ap Math, Mrs. Reece,
4-Pre-Ap Science, Coach Strickler,
5-East*, Mr. Guest,
6-Pre-Ap Social Studies, Robinson,
7-Keyboarding (Mrs. Watts)/Family Consumer Sciences(Mrs. Harrell) (one each semester)
We went to his Open House the week before and we "walked" thru his day so he would know where to go, who the teachers were and to get the syllabus for each class.

*East Lab is a student-driven class, they are responsible for creating their own lesson plans. The students participate in service projects using the latest technology. They use computers, GPS/GIS mapping tools, architectural and CAD design software, 3D animation suites. They find problems in the community and use these tools to solve them. We are going to have him set up a website for Montessori! Too high tech for me!

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