Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Decorating

 Painted pumpkin from Taylor's Greenhouse in Hoxie, Ar
 Loved this painted pumpkin-reminds me of Landyn!
 Some of my favorite things: Lamp, cookbook, caramel candle and pumpkin plate
 Another favorite cookbook and Landyn's haunted house he made with Mammie and Emma (ignore all of the junk around it:)
 Chalkboard stand and tray-not sure what Landyn wrote on there tho
 This pumpkin lights up but Landyn doesn't like it very much. Trying to find something to hang on that black stand
Fall plate, candle, painted pumpkin and fall girl-a gift from a co-worker
My favorite: Harvest China. Love these plates! And the bargain I got on them at TJ Maxx!

And that is my fall decoration tour for the year! Didn't do much outside since it's been 90 degrees up until last week-just didn't feel like fall to me!

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