Friday, October 22, 2010

The weekend is finally here!

So glad it's finally the weekend. We did a little shopping tonight, love a good bargain at Kohl's! Finally found some new rugs for the kitchen floor-with the perfect combination of brown, creme and green! And, bought a baby present for a shower next week-really needing a baby fix!!! I know so many people who have had boys lately!!!Good thing my niece and new baby nephew will be here on Monday! And, Kord got some jeans-wasn't sure if he and Landyn were going to make it out of there alive but they did:) While Jason checked out, I took the "screamer" to the car-he was sad because he couldn't have the huge remote controlled truck!

Tomorrow: a photo shoot at school. I am helping 2 teachers with their babies and taking pics of Landyn,too. Made a deal with Kord that he wouldn't have to go tomorrow but he has to on Sunday morning really quick on the way to church.
Then, it's a Halloween party for one of Landyn's friends. So glad soccer got cancelled:) After all this excitement, I will start the cleaning of this cluttered house:)
Can't wait to see my family on Monday!

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Sara Bell said...

But MOM he needed that truck... Haha enjoy your weekend!