Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Call

Last night about 7:30, I got a text that I've always feared...."I'm lost in the woods and can't seem to get my bearings on where I am."
I didn't panic; just decided to wait until I heard from him again. 45 min later, I tried to call him but no answer. he finally called me about 8:30 to say I'm lost, call my dad, tell him I parked where we always park. So, the phone calls began! While we were all talking and trying to decide who to call, Peet decided to call Eric (j's brother) and send him out there to honk and flash his lights. In the meantime, a stranger saw his truck still there and was concerned and called 911. The dispatcher called me and wanted Jason's cell #, filled me in on how they knew, etc
Jason could see lights and thought it was Eric but they were talking on the phone and he wasn't that close to the woods. They were afraid it was someone spotlighting deer and Jason would be shot. Finally, he made it out of the woods and went straight to get something to EAT!!!
We were really afraid he would be spending the night in the woods! It was a long night!

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