Saturday, October 16, 2010

All About Me

So, this post is really vain, but since It's my scrapbook, I wanted to document things that are important to me, what I like, love, etc. So, here is goes:

*God-for all he's done; I'm so unworthy of it
*My family: blessed to have all of the Williams and Turners in my life:)
*My church: leaders, people we've met there, student ministry, Bible studies-we are so blessed to have found such a loving church after searching for awhile-it's now home to us!
*I love living in the country with no close neighbors-just wish we had a little more room tho!
*I love to work in my flower garden in the spring and fall, hate the hot summer tho'
*I love having boys! They are fun and I never feel guilty shopping by myself because that is "girl time!"
*I love to collect recipes. Not quite sure I'll ever cook them but I have them in case.
*I love to shop at the ASU Farmer's Market and am always so sad when it stops for the winter
*I LOVE my minivan!!! It's keep 2 boys alive:) they each get their own seating and no one fights anymore
*I love anything with polka dots on it
*I love monograms. Especially with the letter "T" on it
*Lamps-we never use our overhead lights at night
*My favorite colors are: lime green, mocha brown, barn red and black & white
*If I ever need a pick me up, then I change purses-I know, weird
*Dimples:) Just look at my husband and boys and you'll know why!
*Salsa; it's a free food, no fat or calories. And, I have the most awesome recipe that tastes like Chili's
*Ruby Tuesday's garden salad especially with their balsamic vinaigrette dressing
*Love my job: kindergarten teacher at a Montessori School
*My favorite flowers are tulips, any color
* I enjoy decorating my house for different seasons
*The DVR-what did we do without it???
*Funny movies
*Sad movies, especially ones that are based on a real event or so realistic they could be
*Girl's nights out-don't get enough but love when they happen
*Sweet tea-even tho I usually order unsweet
*Diet Dr Pepper-it's my morning coffee
*Fruit-rather have it over chocolate, especially strawberries
*Babies, especially ones that I can love on and then hand back so I can sleep all night long!
*Brown eyes-everyone in my house has them except me, I have green
*Photography-I dream of getting a REAL Fancy camera!
*Fujis-love their Hibachi chicken, with fried rice and the veggies
*Diet Lemonade from Chick-fil-A; so sweet and tart without all the sugar
*Silver jewelry
*Kitchen towels-I have this little thing for seasonal kitchen towels:)
*My friends-they are always there when I need someone. Love them
*Fall and Spring-not summer or winter
*Texting-couldn't survive without it
*Nicholas Sparks' books-love a good cry!
*Hot Apple Cider, especially from Starbucks
*Bargain shopping
*Coupon clipping/shopping for sales when grocery shopping

Think this just about covers things I care about!

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