Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Festival

 Mamie and "Buzz Lightyear" passing out candy
 My friend, Amy Mayes, the Hippie! Her husband and son were also, but they had already changed when I took her picture.
 Buzz on the bouncy slide
Putting a "pie" in Pastor Pete's face-he's our student minister

We had a very fun day. I worked the registration area, standing at the enterance to our parking lot, and passed out information cards. Mamie passed out candy at my van and Landyn and Peet walked around, bounced, trick or treated at the cars, Kordyn worked at the youth snack shack helping sell jamblaya, frito pie, nachos, cokes, chips, and other goodies. I tried to win several neat things in the silent auction but was outbid by someone else. It was a great day, but my head and ears hurt so much from the wind! Landyn had soccer this morning also and it was cold and windy out there. We are camped out at home tonight and ready to just relax!

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