Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Favorites

Here is this week's list:
1. listening to the boys play (and with only a little screaming thrown in). Legos are wonderful for any age!
2. Watching Jon and Kate +8; I watch and am so thankful that I do not have 8 children. 2 are plenty
3. being home all day and getting caught up with laundry-my house smells sooo good!!!
4. Baskets!! anyone who knows me knows that I always use baskets, in varied sizes, to bring whatever I need somewhere
5. teacher websites! Thank goodness, someone with a lot more time than me has worked really hard and they are willing to share all of their hard work. I have found so many awesome ideas to use next year in my class!

Kordyn seems to be the only one who did not catch even a slight stomach issue. I just have a little touch; Jason was really sick with fever, chills, aches, etc. Dinner this evening will be very light.

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