Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maybe we should worry

I think we should be worried about Kordyn. Sometimes, he just does not pay much attention to what is going on around him! And sometimes he just acts like the wonderful 10 year old he is:)
Today, during Peet's sermon, he asked for those who are still living at home to raise their hands. Kordyn actually turned around and looked at Jason and I mouthed, Do I live at home?
I thought we were actually going to cry we laughed so hard.
Kordyn is such a blessing to our family. He loves!! to pester Landyn (I think just to hear him squeal and scream!). He is a wonderful student, loves to draw (he is very talented) and loves to read. I love to hear him tell others about what he is reading-he is so animated when he is passionate about a book.
We needed a good laugh this morning!

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