Thursday, July 17, 2008

People think we're crazy!

We went to Paragould tonight to eat at the Whiskey Creek Restaurant. It is really good! I am sure that everyone in there thinks we are a little fruity. We laughed through the entire meal, but eating the dessert was the funniest. They have a s'more dessert that you can order and you can actually make s'mores right at your table. Well, Jason and his dad decided to "sing" campfire songs while they roasted theirs and then Landyn decided to sing Johnny Cash's song Burning Fire (It sounded like this: I sell into a burning ring of sire;fell down,down, down... We've seen a lot of "sire" this week, by the way (our neighbor burned his storage building since it was falling apart and we had to walk up the road and watch it burn). I love to hear Landyn talk and hear how he pronounces his words. Kordyn started talking at 18 mo and used pretty correct grammar; only a few baby words.
We did get several strange looks. Kordyn looked at me and just whispered, they're all crazy! I couldn't agree with you more, Kordyn. I'm so glad we are normal. (NO comments!!)
I would have taken pics tonight but, the batteries are dead in my camera and need to be recharged!!

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