Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a fun day

We had a great day in Memphis today. First, we met at Bigfoot Lodge and shared a burger with Jason's family. Then the guys (minus Landyn) went to the Redbirds game (so glad I'm a girl-it was 93 outside and very humid!) and the girls went SHOPPING!!!
Landyn and cousin Emma were so good. She would tell him what to do and he would listen and obey her. It was so cute to watch them together. I told her that she was invited to shop with me anytime. He's going through this stage where he does not want to ride in the stroller, but I refuse to chase him and try to shop.
We went to the Oak Court Mall after Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn Outlets. We found some great bargains.
As I was finishing checking out at the Hallmark store, an elderly lady had just walked up behind me (NOT even checking out), as I stepped away from the counter, she smiled and said, "You were in my way." The sales lady just looked at me and I, for once, was at a lose for words. As we left, I told Barbara what she had said and we started laughing.
There is a neat antique store in the mall and the prices were really good.
Well, time to get 2 boys in the bed and me, too!!!!

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