Thursday, August 14, 2008

One is potty trained-One is a pre-teen!

Tonight, I am not believing how big my boys are getting!
I am in shock but Landyn is actually potty trained! I have hesitated this whole week to use that phrase, but he has only had 3 accidents since last Thurs! I am so proud of him. But, this means that he is getting bigger and moving up to the White House building at Montessori. Kordyn started there around age 2. Landyn is ready and will love it, but mom is having a hard time letting him grow up!
We went to Kordyn's school's open house tonight. He will be in the 5th grade. I know he will have a great year, but I am also sad because he is growing up sooo fast.
I am just so thankful to have 2 wonderful, healthy kids (even Landyn's heart problems are minor compared to what we could be going through). This week has been a reminder of how precious they are to me.
However, I am looking forward to Jason and I going away this weekend. What fun to sleep in late!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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