Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do me a favor...

If you take your child to a local bookstore, say Barnes and Noble!, please do not be one of those parents who just stand there and watch your child be a bully and not say anything to them! I got so irritated today with this lady and her son. He was at least 4 and huge. He would push Landyn and take the trains away from him and she never said a word. So after the 3rd time, I did. I told him to give it back. We left pretty quickly because she just gave me a dirty look so I told her that I wouldn't have had to handle it if she would have. Another lady there started talking about parents not correcting their children in public and how much is irritates her. The first lady NEVER said a word. I'm now wondering if she was there with us or high or something.
Thanks for letting me vent-I feel so much better!!!!

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