Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Favorites

Let's see, what do I like this week?
1. BA Burrito- Since I mowed the lawn this afternoon, Jason "cooked" dinner. So, when he cooks, we go out to eat. We haven't eaten there is a long time b/c Landyn doesn't like it (he got McD's). I love their nachos with chicken and guac.
2. My Toyota Sienna van-The new hasn't worn off yet!! I love it because we know have so much room and I can go over 1 week on a full tank. Filled up last Sat and just went to 1/2 full today.
3. Paula Deen's magazine- I really do not care for her show anymore-she sounds too Southern and sort of fake, but I really like her magazine. My dream is to go to Tunica, Miss to eat at her new buffet restaurant at Harrah's Casino. (my parents are probably going to cut me out of the will for saying that I want to go to a casino!)
4. Scrapbook magazines-I am admitting that I am a scrapbook collector. One day, when my boys are a little older, especially Landyn, I will get caught up and actually make some new pages.

Did you notice that last week I did not post any Friday Favorites? I was really sick and had to go to the dr-had a sinus infection and double ear infections. I went to bed at 7:30. (I did get up at 10 pm and take Kordyn to Hastings for his new book.) Sunday, we got to stay home because Landyn ran a fever Sat night so we able to sleep in-like 9:00 am!!! It was a wonderful morning.

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