Monday, September 15, 2008

We went, we rode, some of us puked

It's fair time again, NEA! We went tonight. We usually only go whatever night Jason has to work in the Families, Inc booth. So, tonight was our night. Kordyn rode too many fast and spinning rides with Peet that Peet got very sick and had to finally go home. Landyn loved riding-I was really surprised because he is usually a big chicken when it comes to loud noises and moving things, but he loved the Merry Go Round the best.
I do think the hi-light of the evening was this: Karla, Peet and Landyn went on home around 8 pm because Peet was sick and Landyn was cold. ( I can't believe this awesome cooler weather!) Kordyn and I had to wait on Jason to finish at 9 so we used up the rest of the tickets, walked around the animals, and went to listen to Chuck Wickes sing. (We heard him last Feb with Brad Paisley-he's ok-just starting out.) Anyway, his one big hit song is Cinderella-it's about a guy going to ask his girl's father for permission to marry her. WELL, only in Arkansas could you actually see a guy propose during this song at the fair! It was hilarious. Kordyn looked at me and I just said, Only in Arkansas. Some may think this was romantic, but I for one would not want to tell others that that is where I got engaged! Maybe I'm just a snob or something.
I would post pics from tonight, but our printer is still broken and I haven't had time to buy a new one yet.

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