Monday, September 22, 2008

My favorite place

Once upon a time, I had a scrapbook room. Yes, I shared it with the guest bed, but I also had plenty of space and a closet to store my treasures in. However, since I know have 2 wonderful boys, I only get one little corner in my bedroom. BUT, I have worked very hard to organize and decorate it so that I enjoy the space and want to use it. Above are the pics I took of my palace!

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Sara and Ryan Bell said...

I love the table! I enjoyed talking to you yesterday! I hate I only get to talk once a week but I am going to try to stay active on this blogger thing so it won't be like a family reunion catch up when I come to work.. I don't want Mrs Way to get upset that all I want to do when I come is talk to you.. Well have a great day!