Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday Favorites

1. Books. I love to read but have to limit myself to only reading when I know I can read without having to stop. I sort of get addicted and can't put it down. That is why it is 12:17 am and I am just know blogging.
2. My boys. Landyn is spending the night with Jason's parents tonight. They texted us at 10 pm and said the party was still going on strong. (Cousin Emma is also there). However, at 10:10 pm, the text said, Lights out and sleep is coming! I just hope he sleeps in in the am!
Since Landyn was gone, we were able to spend the evening with just Kordyn. We really enjoyed being able to talk and watch a movie with him. We let him pick the restaurant, Ruby Tuesdays, and then he wanted to rent a movie so we watched something that I can't remember the name of. Very Kordyn like movie-far out thinking and battling with karate I think?
3. My new van! I LOVE my minivan. Even Jason told me that this fits our family much better! I love taking the kids to school, grocery shopping, even buying gas (only because I can usually go almost 2 weeks before a fillup!). That is a good thing since gas jumped up overnight! I am ready to move to another country that is not so screwed up, but I just can't think of one.
4. Salad. I had a salad at Ruby Tuesdays and I love their balsamic dressing. It is my favorite! I've tried other balsamics but theirs just don't taste the same. I also love their croutons!

That's all for this week. I think I need to dig a little deeper; these are beginning to get very superficial! Have a great weekend!

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