Sunday, September 14, 2008


I never thought that living in Arkansas, (Northeast Arkansas, at that) I would be glad that we survived a hurricane. At 3 am this morning, Ike moved over NEA and I thought our house would be going with it! The winds were gusting up to 55 mph. I am so glad that we do not trees close to our house. The tv station came on to inform us that power lines and trees were down all over town and to not go outside. We were not planning on going to church today anyway (Kordyn has strep, Landyn has 2 ear infections, and I have allergies, according to the dr we went to see yesterday). Instead, we cleaned our house (which only took 1 hour with everyone helping me). I am to thankful that we did not receive any damage. There were others who were not so lucky-one even died in a trailer when a tree fell on it, south of here. Now we are lust left with cleaning up the yard from all of the "stuff" that blew everywhere!

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Lois said...

You write very well.