Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can you believe it?

I have a freshly, cleaned out refrigerator and freezer for the 2nd time this year! I really should be giving Landyn the recognition because it would never have happened without him so cleverly turning OFF the fridge last night! Yep, we wondered why the cokes weren't so cold last night, but never thought to check the thermostat inside the fridge part. Well, this morning, Jason was getting milk out for cereal and it wasn't very cold-checked the fridge and it was turned off. I just went to the grocery store last night, but only got a few things to get us by until I have time Tuesday night to go Big Shopping! Nothing like melted ice, ice cream, ruined hamburger meat to spur a good SPRING cleaning! Let's just say the boy has been given a little lecture about touching the fridge without asking for help.

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