Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break

Nothing like being on vacation and spending the entire first day in a doctors office. Yesterday, Landyn had his appt with the eye doctor(can't spell opthmologist??) and had to have his eyes dilated. Such fun!!! Took them 45 min to call us back, 45 min for the drops to work and then the exam. Finally, 3 hours later, we left! His eye's crossing is not happening with the the glasses, which is great! But, I got to thinking that his cough that he's had for about a month is really not any better even after we went in and got cough med, so I called the pediatrician (we just saw him 2 wks ago for a well visit) to see if he would just call something stronger in, but he wanted to see him since it had lingered for so long. So, we sat again in the waiting room for 45 minutes,called back, exam. So, at 4:15, we were finally finished. Just in time to pick up Kordyn at BAM (no, ha wasn't alone, he was with Peet). And then the sky opened up and dropped a massive amount of rain!

That was my entire day! No housework cleaning, cooking, organizing like I had originally planned! It was about 7 pm when I finally started cleaning and re-decorating the bathrooms. (I have a little spring fever!)

Hope to accomplish so much more today!

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