Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been tagged

Shaila tagged me. (Her blog is on my list on the right-the creekmore four)
Here is the 5th picture in my 5th file. It's one from our fall pictures that I took in front of the Byrd House at Montessori. Landyn began that fall and we always decorate outside for fall. I love the decorations we use every year. The "people"- we use to keep in our basement until our alarm went off one saturday and the police met me there and went into to secure the building and check it out (false alarm. When they got to the basement, the "people" were staring at them and it freaked them out. It was so funny so hear them talking about it!

So, I tag: my sis in law, Amy, Jenny, Paula and I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE!! If you want to participate, jump in!

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