Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday News

Well, I did not ever get around to posting yesterday's favorites. By the time I did laundry, played with the boys and snoozed on the couch, my bed was calling out to me. Jason and Kordyn always stay up late on Friday nights (for father-son bonding, they say) and I'm not invited so I go to bed early and LOVE it!!

What's on schedule for today:
-Made Ugly Biscuits for breakfast
-Doing laundry (it multiplies over night you know!)
-Looking at houses online (even though we've found one we LOVE)
-Quick trip to grocery store for babysitter supplies (cokes, pizza and cookies)
-And, going on a date with Jason. Dinner and shopping @ Home Depot and Lowe's for appliances, mirrors, etc for the new house (the one we really want-just waiting to see how much our neighbor is willing to buy ours for)

What are you doing today?

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Jenny said...

I'm so excited you found a house!!