Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Favorites

Finally, we have nice spring weather! I am really itching to get in my flower beds and start planting some green things. Going to wait until later next week, now that spring break is finally here.

1.Sams-where else can you buy a book, video game and undershirts and stand in line with a woman, who looks like a man, but is wearing a blond wig and handcuffs as a necklace? Tell me...

2. Bunnies-had me some retail therapy this week and picked up a precious blue bunny statue holding a small "tray" just perfect for small cups in the bathroom. (I'll just take picture for you)

3. Lean Cuisine meals-addicted to the pizza ones. You gotta try it.

Short list, but I've got stuff/aka cleaning to do. Landyn says he's gonna help me do housework because he's Bob the Builder! ?

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